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Kannu, Thangom, Rasaathi........
SpurtiFebruary 16, 2020897 min
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Feb 7, 2020
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Vaanam Kottattum is a gentle feather that touches your heart. Though not heavy, you will still feel it!

Detailed Analysis

Have you been longing to watch a feel good family movie with realities, may be the hard realities of life? Would you like to experience some beautiful moments of love, care and concern in a relationship that not only is difficult to cherish, but also to hold on to despite dire consequences?

If yes, that is why you should watch “Vaanam Kottattum”. A simple story around relationships that everyone of us are surrounded with. A husband and Wife, A brother and Sister, A mother and her children, Two brothers – and their “not so spoken affection”.

Sometimes, we don’t need words to express some of the very beautiful feelings to our loved ones and most importantly there would be some moments where you’ll be forced to think even to speak/express your feelings with the only ones you have. What would you do then? Will the love and affection remain unchanged even after the most painful moments of life? What will momentary haste lead to? Answers to all these questions are beautifully and subtly shown in the movie.

Extremely natural, you will experience warmth and unconditional love by the protagonists that too, “unspoken”. Sarath Kumar and Radhika Sarath Kumar have literally lived their characters , Aishwarya Rajesh and Vikram Prabhu are no exceptions as they have pulled off their roles with great ease.

Most of the times, a million feelings are expressed by eyes and silence and, those are the most precious ones that this movie will help one treasure. Great Cinematography from Preetha Jayaraman, good direction attempt by Dhana Sekaran and an extremely blissful music from “Sid SriRam” is something one can’t miss. This is special to him as his debut music film composition. Produced by Mani Ratnam, you will definitely experience his “touch” here are there and that is something everyone will love.

In short, if you are in a relaxed mood and just want to watch something “light yet heavy, easy yet complicated and simple yet great”, do give “Vaanam Kottattum” a watch and you’ll not regret.

“Kannu, thangom ,raasathi………..” – Feels like a gentle feather touching the heart. Though not heavy, you will still feel it……..

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