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కథ చెప్పటం తేలికే, జ్ఞాపకాన్ని పంచటం కష్టం
SpurtiFebruary 17, 202014310 min
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Feb 14, 2020
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కథ చెప్పటం తేలికే, జ్ఞాపకాన్ని పంచటం కష్టం

Detailed Analysis

A Kranthi Madhav movie! That’s how I would like to start writing about this movie since not all directors like to tell a story in a “set way”. The very same art of story telling is what defines the vision of a director. Kranthi Madhav’s movies try to make us pause for a second and realise the importance of reality, human emotions, consequences and more importantly the importance of making a good memory. As it can rightly put across in Telugu, “కథ చెప్పటం తేలికే, జ్ఞాపకాన్ని పంచటం కష్టం”

What can we do to make “Good Memories” in Life? This sounds like a deep and complicated  question but the answer to this is actually simple –

“If we make our TODAY GOOD, we’ll have a GOOD MEMORY for our tomorrow that we can cherish through out our Life”

That is exactly what his movies try to convey. His stories are simple and real but leave one with infinite questions for which answers would be lost in our way of life.

World Famous Lover is also one such story in which an intelligent orphan youngster wants to write and take up full time writing but fits himself in a job for his lady love. The zeal for a creative work never dies and that’s exactly what happens to him. One day when he decides to resume to full-time writing, will he get his girl’s support? What will happen to their relationship in the due course of time? Will Time play its role to change the most cherished relationship?  If yes, how would this wannabe writer react if things become upside down one morning?

World Famous Lover touches a zillion emotions of love that are so delicate. While our hero sits down to think about his only relationship in life, he comes across certain emotions, rather his expectations in Love and what does he do then, is something that should be experienced by watching this movie.

A well cherished relationship is like a Tower, whose base should be strongly bound with LOVE. And, at times or usually most of the times we try to bind the relationship tower with egos, expectations, compromises and a lot more forgetting to even give it a “coat of Love”. Will that tower stand still, given the dire consequences? Well, that’s a million dollar question!

A husband who has a devoted and loving wife in an arranged marriage tries to look down on her as she’s not educated and not attractive (according to him). He gets carried away in his world of fantasy when he meets his boss girl. How would he feel if he gets to know that he hasn’t even been close when it comes to knowing about his wife and her unconditional love? Who will you credit for cherishing the relationship and to hold on it? Similarly, a businessman falling in love at his first sight with a French Pilot and will find themselves in a relationship with ease in no time. When he decides to take it one step further, will the girl be okay? How he wants to do something without thinking of the consequences? How haste affects Love and Life?

There are a zillion such emotions in the movie that will ask you hundreds of questions, make you think how you would react in such situations. Given such strong assets, a strong screenplay would have brought glory to the attempt and if I have to tell you about the climax, I personally felt that while “Love is selfless and unconditional” in its purest form, “It definitely takes TWO PEOPLE to cherish the emotion of love and to beautifully , more importantly gracefully hold on to a RELATIONSHIP”.  What do you think??

Watch World Famous Lover if you like to travel with the characters on an emotional journey. “There is probably no wrong or right when it comes to emotions” so do watch it if you’re in for a day of emotional content – a heavy one.

P.S: Erase Arjun Reddy from your mind before you give this a watch since that’s how this movie was perceived before release 😛

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