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Karma is a .... !
SpurtiFebruary 18, 20201768 min
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Oct 3, 2019
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Is there a Dearth in Human Relationships & Drought for Human Values in today’s world?

Detailed Analysis

Vrithra is an engaging crime drama in Kannada where a young female police officer Indira starts investigating her first case. While it seems to be an open-shut case, she uncovers a sequence of unexpected connections to the case. Being young and naturally curious, Indira dives deep into her first case which according to her superior is a simple suicide case that  needs to be closed and reported ASAP. As she moves ahead, surprises await her that lead her way beyond obvious and simple conclusions.

Indira, while not getting drifted from the case she is assigned, simultaneously starts investigating a couple of other things as she believes they are all connected and that puts her in a pressurised situation before her higher authorities. The rest is all about if she really gets to solve the case.

The movie is gripping enough and doesn’t fail to evoke curiosity as thankfully there are no songs and the main theme doesn’t get deviated with usual elements like Indira’s love interest, personal life etc. (There is nothing of that sort in the movie) Nithya Sri has done justice to her role as Indira playing a young cop who generally has a lot of curiosity that leads to making small mistakes in her job.

How will Indira face a situation where she thinks she can save the victim but the control slips away from her hand just like that? Will she get support from her department? What will she infer from some random clues she gets about VRITHRA – The Daemon? There will always be a fight between the heart and the mind –  A fight between one’s emotional and practical/logical self. We all go through such fight one time or other in our life yet find ways to sooth ourself. Imagine if the same fight occurs to a Police officer or even a Lawyer? Would it be easy for them to handle it? They certainly cannot get away with it easily as these professions are associated with Law, judgement and even punishments. Their one wrong perception can affect a life. So how would Indira being a cop deal with it if she comes across such a situation? Will she have to believe that Karma is a Boomerang?

What does Vrithra mean is a question lot of people have? It is a mythological daemon that brings drought. The director R Gautham Iyer seems to have used the name Vrithra to decipher

Dearth in Human Relationships & Drought for Human Values!

At least I could relate it that way 🙂 Though not a seat edge thriller, Vrithra keeps you engaged enough given its duration is 120 mins.

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