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The baggage!
SpurtiFebruary 19, 2020228 min
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The baggage!

Detailed Analysis

It is not too often that movies are narrated from the perspective of a female protagonist without adding elements to make it commercially viable. Gantumoote is one such rare piece of work from director Roopa Rao. She did her best to give a refreshing narrative.

Set in the 90s, Gantumoote is the story of a middle class high school girl Meera. Though innocent, Meera is a topper and too good with her studies. Watching Salman Khan in movies, she fantasises to have a boy friend like him and when she notices Madhu, her classmate and a playful boy, he becomes the Salman Khan for Meera. Will their relationship continue without any hassles? How would Meera handle the bitter truths that come her way? Will Madhu become her strength or weakness or neither?

What is really impressive is the way it is shown when Meera undergoes an emotional conflict within herself and finds answers from within only. Though extremely sensitive and emotional, she is capable of soothing herself and that too, without getting her education affected. There would be situation where a guy calls her “Dagar” (Prostitute in Kannada) out of jealousy and we expect Meera to teach the guy a lesson or shut him up by at least slapping him. Adding more heroism, we expect Meera’s lover Madhu to get offended and pick up a fight. But,… neither Meera nor Madhu does anything of that sort. Instead, Meera starts thinking why that word is affecting her so much and why is “Dagar” a cuss word since no one has the right to pass a derogatory comment on anyone and a sex worker is no exception. When Meera asks Madhu to react to the situation, he questions Meera “If he called you something, why should you feel? Don’t you know who you are? Why should I do something?” So what would Meera do? Guess what she does! She shuts the boy through her success and just gives him a proud smile. This scene is so very well written and shot and it subtly conveys that

we can shut the people who deliberately hurt us just by being successful and more successful.

How people perceive us is not our head ache. Director Roopa Rao deserves an applaud here for literally showing the difference between an intellect and an ignorant.

The music is an aid to the narrative and performance by Teju Belawadi as Meera is very impressive. Feel like she lived the character. The rest of the story is about how Meera and Madhu continue their journey of Love and Life? What is the “Gantumoote – The Baggage” in the story and who will have to carry it between Meera and Madhu? Watch it yourself!

For those who like the pace to be fast and grippy, this might be a tad slow. But, if you’re into feel good movies or if you are a 90s person, then this movie will surely evoke some emotions and leave you with a ton feelings.

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