Hope is an Emotional Parasite!
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First South Korean film to win at the Oscars Academy. Pride to South Korea!

Detailed Analysis

What is Parasite? Why it so special that it has won 4 Oscar awards? What is there in it to have become the first South Korean film to receive Academy Award recognition, and first non-English-language film as Best Picture?Why is the whole world talking about this?

Because, Bong Joon Ho has showed us the story of a Rich family and a greedy poor family with utmost reality in a tricky way. It’s all about how a greedy poor family bluffs and makes way into the lives of one of the uber-wealthy families in the capital city of South Korea.  The reason I mentioned tricky is – every scene looks very simple while watching but has in-depth meaning and essence to it. One must get that to the depth of the scene to connect to it. Clearly, the director wants to convey a message or essence for each & every scene.

We cannot categorize this movie to a single genre. For me, it feels like a tragic comedy but you may also feel it’s a grey/dark comedy thriller. Again, the comedy is very subtle. The director himself called it as ‘Stairway Movie’, sounds entirely new right? 😊 It is an upstairs-downstairs film that explores every available rung on the ladder of class aspirationalism. So inbuilt, the movie has many genres to explain.

In one of the articles I read about the film, the director said that it’s quite sad & cruel what he has told in the film, but what is great is that he is honest in the presentation. One must appreciate his guts.

Also I would like to mention a few aspects – One cannot wait to appreciate these in-depth messages he conveyed.

  1. Explanation of Morse Code
  2. In any society, always there is a wealthy class living upstairs, just as there would be a poor class positioned beneath them
  3. In the penultimate/pre-climax scene, everyone thinks that he has ended the film on a good note, but BANG!! he will show the reality right away in the climax scene and clearly explains that

Hope is the Emotional Parasite in the film

  4. Showcases the greed of a poor family. When you get a chance, who in the real world will not grab a chance to enjoy the benefits of being rich. Everyone is an opportunist in this world.

Parasite is raw, grim & gut-twisting and like Bong’s earlier film Snow Piercer, it is neither autobiographical nor documentary types rather he wants audience to feel the reality. As per his latest interviews, looks like he took some inspiration from Papin Sisters – two live-in Maid’s Story which happened in 1930s France and from Snow Piercer – about Child Labor Practices. The director has references or inspiration from real time incidents what happened in the past. Not everything is new or unique from his mind but, his thought process is quite creative and innovative, which you cannot not complain or ignore. Also, the movie was made on a shoestring budget – considering those production values, you can easily say it.  But after this tremendous success, I’m sure production company would have minted money at GBO.

In the whole analysis, I appreciated the director a lot. FYI – I’m not a fan of him and I don’t know Korean language, frankly I didn’t even see all his movies except Parasite & Snow Piercer. I appreciate good cinema and that’s what matters right? 😊 In many points, I have given the high-level views of scenes that gives you enough reasons to watch the movie but didn’t talk much about the story or screenplay because I want you all to watch and appreciate this Korean Masterpiece. Go & appreciate the World Cinema!

FYI: In USA & few places in India the film is still playing in theatres and on OTT Streaming platforms, Apple TV+ is offering this movie as a Pay Per View Service.

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