Single forever
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Single forever

Detailed Analysis

Couple of years back I watched Venky Kudumula’s Chalo which was quite fun and entertaining. He has now joined hands with Nitin and Rashmika Mandanna for Bheeshma. Ever since the teaser launched and Singles Anthem song released, the movie has carried quite a good buzz on social media.

Nitin (Bheeshma) is kind of frustrated with his single life but eventually tries his tricks to fall in love with Rashmika (Chaitra). If an unexpected incident changes his life forever, how does he deals with it?

First 45 mins of the film was so dull and irking that you would be thinking as to why am I sitting in the theatre watching those tacky and artificial scenes. And the movie only picks up its pace from the pre-interval episode. Surprisingly second half started somewhat well, comedy part really worked and ended with a decent climax. To be precise, an entertaining second half is what saved the film.

Venky Kudumula’s unique script for Chalo was really entertaining and with Bheeshma he tried to pull off, but not as well as his debut film. The good part of the movie is, the comedy track between Vennela Kishore, Nitin & Sampath and is superbly written. Infact, Vennela Kishore’s comedy punches are far better than Nitin’s. Nitin & Rashmika look good as a pair. Nitin’s performance is decent in some scenes but in some scenes his characterization is way too artificial. Even his dance movements are not in sync (ఏదో నీరసం గా ట్రై చేసాడు. Maybe he would have tried something new, but it is not seen), I believe he is a good dancer per his previous films. Rashmika has got a good role and did justice to it which is refreshing. 

Really great to see Ananth Nag after a long long time in Telugu, he is a phenomenal actor in Kannada and has done a fantastic role in this film. (His Brother Shankar Nag was also a well known actor in Kannada and directed Malgudi Days Tele Serial back then). Vennela Kishore’s comedy is best in the recent times. Sampath and Raghu Babu has performed their bit. Music by Mahati Swara Sagar(he is the son of well known music director Mani Sharma, who is fondly called Melody Brahma in Telugu) is just okay and apart from Singles Anthem, none of the other songs are great. Jishu Sengupta’s role is not up to the mark. Oh wait! There is Hebbah Patel also in the film but not at all a good role, looks like she is out of form totally. Production values by Sitara entertainments are kind of top-notch and casting looks good, apart from some misfits. 

Overall, it’s a Rom-Com with decent Second Half and good comedy part. A Time pass movie!

FYI: If we were to compare Bheeshma with Nitin’s previous disasters, this is a sign of relief because some parts worked out here and there. Also, if Venky Kudumula could have worked little more on those CEO episodes, the movie would have been much better.

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