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నా ఊపిరిని ఇన్నాళ్లుగా తన వెన్నంటి నడిపిన చేయూత ఎవరిది? - రామ్ 
ChiranjivFebruary 22, 20203212 min
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Feb 7, 2020
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నా ఊపిరిని ఇన్నాళ్లుగా తన వెన్నంటి నడిపిన చేయూత ఎవరిది? – రామ్ 

Detailed Analysis

Last year, when I heard the news that the Tamil film ’96’ is getting remade in Telugu, the first question which came to my mind was, why are they remaking it? What if they spoil it? Because, the impact what 96 has created is not at all small, and is still there in the audience heart. Lot of people who watched it, loved it and the reach it got Amazon Prime Video platform is just phenomenal. It has connected with people so much that girls started buying similar attire what Trisha wears in the movie. After the remake announcement the next question was who would  be the lead cast and then, when it was known that Samantha & Sharwanand are in it, that raised lot of curiosity among fans and movie lovers. Literally, people started waiting for its release.

Jaanu is just a simple & pure love story which has not only beautiful but also sensible emotions. In simple words I can say that it’s a simple love story which we have been watching since ages but after seeing this film I’m sure, all your school life memories and first love story or first crush memories will ring in your mind. Trust me on this. 😊 Sam & Sharwa’s pair is a treat to watch and the way they have showcased the emotions is just impeccable. They gave their best to portray the roles.

Director Premkumar who made the original didn’t deviate even a bit and made a fantastic remake into Telugu too. Music and background score is a big highlight. Remember Govind Vasantha? One of the founding members of Malayalam Band ‘Thaikkudam Bridge’, is the music director for both the original and the remake. (In case if you haven’t watched fish rock song from Thaikkudam bridge, it is something you have missed in your life 😊, do listen to it right away. It is an amazing song guys. Last year I attended their concert in Scottsdale and I just loved it. Check for their videos in Youtube and they have millions of views). “Life of Ram” song is adapted  beautifully according to the taste of Telugu audience. The lyrics by Sirivennela SeethaRamaSastry Garu are one the very best in the recent times.

నా వెంట పడి నువ్వింత ఒంటరి అనవద్దు అనొద్దు దయుంచి ఎవరూ..ఇంకొన్ని జన్మాల కి సరిపడు అనేక స్మృతుల్ని ఇతరులు ఎరగరు

నా ఊపిరిని ఇన్నాళ్లుగా తన వెన్నంటి నడిపిన చేయూత ఎవరిది? నా ఎద లయను కుశలము అడిగిన గుసగుస కబురుల ఘుమఘుమలెవరివి?

These four lines are enough to tell us about the idealogy of the male protagonist without revealing everything though :P. Only Seetarama Sastry Garu can write such lyrics and I feel he is the most under – rated, celebrated, respected, valued lyric writers in Telugu. I feel lack of words to write about him. ‘Oohale’ song is a people’s favorite given “Kaadale” in Tamil has brought laurels to the singer Chinmayi (simple ga cheppali ante, malli pranam posaru a paata ki 😊)

Despite controlled budget for the movie, the production values of the films are so rich and that can be called spending money wisely by the production team. Screenplay of the film might feel slow but you will need to be involved in the movie given its performances and music to enjoy the feel.

Absolutely Ram (Sharwa) and Jaanu (Sam) recreated the magic. Some people (including me) have compared it with 96, like obviously we do for any official remake film. Both are good films with very minor rather ignorable concerns. Jaanu/96 are kinda longevity films that stay in our hearts forever, so pretty sure they will rock when streamed on Prime Video or played on Television.

If you have watched the Tamil version and want to watch Jaanu too, then I would sincerely recommend you to erase every memory of 96 and then watch this. Like they say, “Unlearn to Learn”. While one cannot deny that 96 itself was heavily inspired from the Telugu movie – ‘Malli Raava’ people still loved and made 96, a classic hit in Tamil. I feel the same magic has been recreated with Jaanu because they made it with such dedication and perfection. For all those efforts, this movie cannot be ignored 😊

After watching the movie, some questions are sure to cross your mind.Can anyone live the life of Ram? What would you do if you are the Jaanu of Ram? Could you think of a different climax? And, a lot many……Watch it yourself and give it a thought.

P.S: I know I’m very late in presenting this analysis, but by any chance if you missed it in theatres, do wait for it on Prime Video and watch it. You will not regret!

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