There is only one way any war ends - "Last man standing"!
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Is Hope a dangerous thing?

Detailed Analysis

Before the release, 1917 was perceived as just any other war film from Hollywood. I’ve also been postponing to watch this one for the same reason. But after watching the movie, I had like a zillion emotions and questions which made me literally choke. 1917 is one of its kind of a movie that is crafted to be a masterpiece to have nominated for the Oscars in 10 different categories and win three oscars – all with a very simple baseline story. How did the director Sam Mendes achieve this seemingly impossible feat? What is there in 1917 for the audience to have that deep connect with its content? Though Hollywood is known for its war movies, 1917 stands out as a class apart. Why? All of us would have grown up definitely hearing, reading and knowing about great wars in the history that have tons of stories about bravery, chivalry and more than anything there is “heroism” and we all fantasize them. Whenever I think of a war/battle I remember these wonderful lines by Trivikram “యుద్ధం లో అందరూ గెలవటం, ఓడటం గురించే ఆలోచిస్తారు . అంతా అయిపోయాక, “ఏడవటంగురించి ఎవ్వరూ ఆలోచించరు. గెలిచినోడూ ఏడవాల, ఓడినోడూ ఏడవాల.” That’s it! Why are we not told or made aware of the massacre and devastation that occur during and after a war to the extent that we really understand the consequences?

As stated earlier, the base story line of 1917 is very simple. During World War I, two young British soldiers Blake and  William Schofield receive seemingly impossible orders by General Erinmore. In a race against time, they must cross over into enemy territory to deliver a message to Colonel Mackenzie of the Second Battalion to call off a scheduled attack that would jeopardise the lives of 1,600 men, including Blake’s brother. The whole movie is just about the journey of the two soldiers who start to accomplish their task and what happens on the way? Through their way, they witness hundreds of dead and starting to decompose bodies of the soldiers – their peers. As they move forward in an underground barracks, they almost get close to death because of an explosion, get attacked by a German pilot though they rescue him from the burning plane. In no time, Blake and William will have to part ways and move ahead. William gets attacked by a German sniper and when he regains consciousness, he finds himself in a town of flames and is discovered by German soldiers, who open fire. While trying to escape, he stumbles into the hiding place of a French woman with an infant whose name or parents are not know to the lady but just wants to save the baby. Moved by the sight, the William gives away his food and milk to them and resumes his journey. He gets into a vehicle where he finds soldiers of different nationalities – all fighting the German. Finally, after all the struggles William reaches the trenches and forces his way where he needs to deliver his orders to Colonel Mackenzie. The Colonel reluctantly calls off the attack and tells William that while the cancellation is a temporary reprieve, the command is likely to change its orders in a week. So…………..

Once you watch the movie, you will surely understand why this movie has won Academy awards for Best Cinematography, Best Visual effects and Best Sound Mixing. Honestly, 1917 has set great standards in terms of making war movies as it shows the dire consequences of a war subtly but with strong intent. This movie has take the war movie experience to a whole new level without having big fight scenes or elevations. You will not find massive war scenes nor the war cries that trigger you. But, 1917 silently puts you through the journey that makes you feel a part of it. The screenplay is too good to believe that it is not a movie made in one-big shot.

1917 is impeccable in the way it is crafted to take you along the journey of William and Blake. Why does Blake and William have to part their ways? What keeps William’s spirit alive to continue his sole journey despite all odds? How would William feel when the Colonel says that “the call off is good for a day BUT, tomorrow is another day” after such effort? Why does Colonel tell William that “Hope is a dangerous thing”? Will William be able to save Blake’s brother? You will need to watch this masterpiece for the answers.

One thing is for sure –

There is only one way any war ends – “Last man standing”

and that is why,

No soldier wants a war. No human being should, as well.

There is nothing heroic about a war – probably just a few hundreds of lives and millions worth resources. All of these at the cost of?? And I guess that is why most of the army forces always say that “the forces are for defence and NOT FOR ATTACK unless the Nation is at stake!”. Who do we kill in a war? – Our Fellow Human Being!

Lastly, if not anything there is one important truth of life that hits you like a spark after watching 1917 –

Why do we still have complaints in Life? Aren’t we blessed enough?

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