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Le Mans’66: The Incredible Historical Race between Ford & Ferrari!
ChiranjivMarch 10, 2020810 min
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November 15, 2019
2 hrs, 35 mins


Le Mans’66: The Incredible Historical Race between Ford & Ferrari!

Detailed Analysis

Ever since I watched the trailer of “Ford V Ferrari” in June 2019, I was pretty excited about its release. It is not very often that a film is made with the stars of Hollywood, from a big production house and at times, everything works great to deliver a dynamic content. Such is the case with director James Mangold’s recent film “Ford v Ferrari”. Armed with superior talent behind and in front of the camera, Mr. Mangold has directed his best film with so much conviction and dedication.

Ford V Ferrari has a strong screenplay as the foundation of a great historical racing story involving the characters portrayed by Matt Damon as American Car Designer ‘Carroll Shelby’, driver ‘Christian Bale’, and ‘Tracy Letts’ as Henry Ford II, all involved in challenging the famous Italian car maker Ferrari at the famous race at Le Mans in 1966. When ever I go to a Hollywood/non-Indian film, before watching, I go through its Wikipedia page and some references behind it. Basically, this helps me to get some gist and idea on the movie. This is my habit of watching historical and non-Indian films :), not that I’m recommending this habit. While referring to some pages on Google, I found the info about Le Mans’66 Race (aka 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans), which is one of the oldest Sportive races in Racing History. It’s a must read in Wikipedia – just FYI.

From the very first frame, James Mangold sets the tone with exciting, bold and energetic images that are visually arresting, alongside a great score that never overwhelms or feels generic. The editing is outstanding, as the pace is so fast moving, pulsating with nail biting excitement, especially in the racing sequences.

Cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, along with Production Designer Francois Audouy, and Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi, have created a rich canvas, always authentic in feel and full of subtleties resulting in a formidable palette that comes together beautifully. Flawless performances are a high, under the guidance of James Mangold’s direction. Matt Damon has rarely had the opportunity to show quite a range from a confidant showman to a vulnerability we rarely see. Christian Bale as always, transforms into his character and delivered another stellar performance. Tracy Letts layers his performance with strength and flair.

Ultimately, James Mangold’s master work delivered on all fronts and on the whole is one of the most satisfying films of the year 2019, and certainly to be a major contender for Oscars 2020 with around 4 nominations. Unfortunately, it didn’t get much recognition in Oscars 2020 but won the Best film editing & Best Sound editing categories. Keeping awards aside, I can strongly say that the film has definitely won those zillion hearts of movie lovers and for any film maker, what can be more rewarding than this?

Ford v Ferrari is one of a kind of movie that everyone will enjoy. It has Hollywood stars telling a timeless story about friendship and making dreams come true. Globally, this is one of the most entertaining films of the year 2019 and no one can deny that. 

P.S:  Please don’t miss your chance to witness a historical extravaganza in IMAX format, a great story from the history which does not only just lets you experience some great thumping motor sounds but also emotions like ‘unconditional love, friendship and burning the midnight oil to make dreams come true’.  .It is definitely a million dollar worth experience. The movie is still running in theatres and Prime Video US is streaming it online. We’ll update the OTT platform link as soon as it starts streaming in India. Stay tuned!

If you are still thinking as to what is it that drives one to make such movies? I guess,

it takes some things that money cannot buy! – Passion, Dedication and Devotion!

As one of the Hollywood critics said,Even if you’re not a motor head, chances are you’ll be thrilled by this high-velocity bromance, powered by zesty acting and Mangold’s meticulous direction.” 

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