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Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal.....enna artham?
ChiranjivMarch 12, 20208414 min
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In Theaters
Feb 28, 2020
2hrs, 42mins


Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal…..enna artham?

Detailed Analysis

First of all, as an ardent Film Lover, I have never heard of this film that released on 28th Feb 2020(and on 6th March 2020 in most of the overseas countries). Literally no buzz around the film! Having a great star cast – Malayalam Heart Throb Dulquer Salmaan, Telugu Pelli Choopulu fame Ritu Varma & famous film director Gautam Vasudeva Menon in a critical role coming from the popular production house – Viacom18, and yet there was no much promotion about this film is really surprising. This being the 25th film for Dulquer is definitely a land mark film for him.  Can you imagine a popular Malayalam star making his 25th film in Tamil and releasing it in Telugu with a dubbed version? How do we understand this move? Can we call it a new strategy? 😊 Well, I will leave it to your imagination. But for me, this move is quite strategic.

Having these many positive/marketing factors in the film,I feel they still under promoted it.  Why? This is a question lot of movie lovers have and I’m not an exception. Few things I assumed –  May be they wanted to keep it subtle before the release depending heavily on the word of mouth post release? Did they make good enough from the film before the release? Is it that they have heavily banked on the Content? Or, Is it a Corona Virus effect? Ufff! So many assumptions but looks like they just want to keep it subtle leaving everything on Content – to lead and promote the film. This is one of the best strategic moves made by many film makers in the past too. Also, they are called as Sleeper Hits or Silent Hits. Now that makes me confidently say that “Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal” or “Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante” is a Sleeper Hit.

As I’ve done enough pep talk on the film’s promotions strategy 😊, let’s come back to the movie.  If you see the trailer & posters of the film, you will feel that its a romantic film with some thriller backdrop (well, sorry peeps!). The film is much more than that. Trust me, this is beyond your imaginations. Very well cut Trailer and well thought strategic posters, as well I should say. The movie is about two engineers and their fraudulent activities like product tampering using modern technologies etc. There are crazy thriller aspects as the movie progresses. I would categorise this as different genre – ‘Technical Con Thriller’. The crimes/frauds they do in the movie are near to reality and that deserves an appreciation as the director has done a good research to show the real world hacks. In the entire film, only ‘okayish’ factor is songs as they feel like passing cloud but, the background score is top notch. There isn’t one moment in the film where you get bored.

Desingh Periyaswamy is the director of the film, though he is a debutant the way he has written the story with so much detailing and the way he presented it on the silver screen in an utmost convincing way deserves a great appreciation. His name, in my first glance, I read it as “Design Periyaswamy” 😊, he designed the movie very well guys. Hats-off to him. No one can deny the fact that Tamil Industry has made some of the best Suspense Thrillers/ Murder Mysteries/ Horror films – best examples are Ratsasan, Imaikka Nodigal, Thadam, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, Pyscho (2020) and now it’s ‘KKK’. Of course there are many more and I just named a few. Lot of them are no less to international standards and we should really be proud of such directors. No doubt, we now know why Viacom18 has invested in Desingh Periyaswamy.

Dulquer Salmaan, Ritu Varma, Raksan, Niranjani Ahathian & GVM has nailed their performances. After making so many cop movies, I always wished to see him as a cop and that wish is now fulfilled in this movie. Thanks to the director 🙂

Twists are superb in the film and Climax is just crazy. One should appreciate Dulquer for choosing a content oriented film as his land mark 25th film. No doubt, he has got those guts. I really don’t have any idea about the budget of the movie, but if you see the film, you can say that it would have been made with a controlled budget. Best part is that, it looked very well and all credit again goes to the director for his presentation skills

As they say ‘Don’t judge a book by its Cover’, I always say

Don’t judge a film by its Poster

and it is quite apt for the movie KKK. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadiythaal / Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante is good and a perfect example of Sleeper hit because the buzz has started from the Second week of its release, and extra theatres/shows are getting added everywhere. Even in USA they have released it in the second week. So, don’t miss this underrated gem.

I loved it to the core as it kept me glued throughout, with some mind-boggling twists. I even heard that the Telugu dubbing is really good and it looked like a straight Telugu film. Precisely, It’s a fantastic film – One of the best films in the recent times.

FYI: This film will definitely ring lots of view minutes on the movie’s only streaming partner – Netflix when they have a digital premiere soon. Will update the direct link as soon as it starts streaming but, do give it a watch in theatre and you’ll not at all regret!

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