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Feb 7, 2020
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Is Life Fair?

Detailed Analysis

How do I start writing about this move? What should I write? I’ve been thinking on how I should write Dia’s analysis. Being an introvert myself, I literally felt the protagonist Dia, and the movie left me with heavy yet priceless emotions. There is one thing with the introverts. They take a lot time to express their feelings but when they do, they do it above and beyond. As someone said it rightly about being an Introvert,

It’s like I want to be alone but, I want to be touched

Dia (Kushee Ravi) our female protagonist is one such introvert Biotech student from Bengaluru who falls in love at first sight with her senior Rohit (Dheekshith Shetty) and will be trying different ways to express the same. When she finally gathers courage to meet and talk to him, she realises that Rohit has left the college midway to pursue a career opportunity in Korea. After three years, she suddenly encounters Rohit in her apartment lift in Mumbai. Her introversion struggle comes to end when surprisingly Rohit recognises her. Dia and Rohit become good friends and in the due course of time Dia gets to know that Rohit also had his love at first sight with Dia but couldn’t express his love. How does Dia feel when she gets to know that the person she wasn’t able to forget even for a second from the time she first saw him, is also in love with her and as madly as she is? Sky becomes the limit to her ecstasy as she finally expresses her unspoken love to Rohit. Dia and Rohit decide to spend the rest of their lives together and one accident changes everything.

Dia finds herself in a hospital and gets emotionally shattered when she gets to know that Rohit has passed away. From that point, the movie shows how an introvert girl literally feels when she loses someone who she felt her whole world is and who she is emotionally invested in. Dia even attempts a suicide and then accidentally meets an outgoing optimist guy Adi (Pruthvi Ambaar). Meeting Adi changes Dia’s way and attitude towards LIFE. Adi makes her realise that

Life isn’t something that is without problems rather Life is all about going ahead, solving the problems that come your way.

There is only one place in the world where any person can be happy without worrying about anything – A Graveyard!

Dia and Adi become good friends and eventually start to develop feelings for each other. Will Adi express his love to Dia? Will Dia be able to move ahead in Life with Adi? What will Dia do when the most unexpected surprise awaits her when things seem to settle with her? Is Life full of surprises and miracles for Dia, Adi and Rohit? Please watch Dia on Prime Video for an emotional ride that will leave you speechless for quite sometime.

Kushee Ravi as Dia literally lived in that introvert, girl next door character. Introverts can totally relate to her and others can definitely feel her. While Dheekshith Shetty as Rohit has done justice to his character, Pruthvi Ambaar as Adi deserves a special appreciation. His character transformation from an outgoing utmost optimistic guy to an extremely emotional person because of unforeseen/unbearable circumstances is extremely good. He went above and beyond to do justice to his role. Dia and Adi have literally held the entire movie on their shoulders and it isn’t an easy task at all. I sincerely wish that their performances fetch them awards. The director K S Ashoka has done a splendid job and music by Ajaneesh Loknath has added beauty to the feel the movie has.

Now, to the question if Dia is a unique story?, the answer is NO. If Dia is a simple/known story, then what makes it so special? ‘The Journey’ – The entire movie is an emotional roller coster ride and you will literally travel with the characters, you feel them, you share their pain and what not? Dia has moved me into tears multiple times and it’s not an exaggeration if I say that Dia has left me speechless after I’ve finished watching it. I had to take a deep breath! Dia is undoubtedly one of the finest movies from Kannada industry and definitely adds to the recent path-breaking Kannada movies to name a few –  Mungaru Male, Lucia, Om, Kirik Party, Kavuldaari, Gantumoote etc.

“Is Life Fair?” Is a question that always haunts me and it is a question that I’ve never found an answer nor I wish to. Life is something that makes you go through the most surprising circumstances when things seems to be fairly settling. Situations get better sometimes, become unbearable lot of times but, your attitude towards life should not change. All the bizarre things that Life throws at you should only make you a ‘Force to reckon with’. Even if everything is lost, you will still have something to live for, and that is “YOURSELF”. Life is of infinite emotions but make sure you count only Cheers and Smiles. Keep fighting and Keep Winning as the Challenges Keep Coming.

Finally to my question “Is Life Fair?”, I could only infer that

Life is never fair…but, you always have a chance to make it fair for yourself!

Let nothing hamper your positivity towards Life and Confidence in yourself. You should not be living for anything or anyone in this world rather LIVE FOR YOURSELF AND THE JOURNEY CALLED ‘LIFE’ – No matter what!

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