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Rama Rama Tusu Daksha Vruta Jaripa!
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Dec 27, 2019
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Rama Rama Tusu Daksha Vruta Jaripa….

Detailed Analysis

Yaru avanu?  Avane Srimannarayana!

ASN has been the most awaited Kannada film of 2019, creating a lot of curiosity for all the Kannada movie lovers. The teaser and trailer left many people baffled with its mind-blowing Hollywood cowboy style of presentation, not giving any hint of what the storyline is! While the film has been dubbed into 4 other Indian languages, I feel the movie hasn’t been promoted to the extent it deserves therefore restricting the reach. Had there been right marketing and promotions, I sincerely feel the movie would have certainly done extremely well at BO in all languages.

The film is presented in a new genre called the ‘Southern Odd Fiction’ which is kinda new, especially for South Indian movies. I would not want to discuss anything about the story as it spoils the whole intent of driving one to watch a good film.

ASN is the story of a quirky cop, Narayana rightly described as ‘flawed hero’ who is behind a treasure along with two baddies. So what all does our cop Srimannarayana do to find the treasure and what happens to the baddies who are also after the treasure? You’ll have to definitely watch ASN – an adventure filled story that is filled with excitement throughout.

The movie has a unique way of story telling as it has puzzles that will make you think and even probe you to solve. The screenplay unwinds at a steady pace and the director Sachin Ravi has made sure that the entire movie keeps you hooked till the end. The movie will make you travel into a world of fantasy that too with a fine balance leveraging western Cowboy and Indian bandit characters. Though there are negligible flaws in the movie, they do not count at all as the movie mesmerises you with the story and performances.

Cinematography is simply awesome carrying a westernised retro theme without forgetting attention to detail. Another factor that deserves great applause is the top-notch background score as it is one of the key factors that helps setting up the viewer’s mood. A brilliant placement of songs has added beauty to the movie. “Hands Up” and the soul-stirring “Narayana Narayana” are a treat to watch as well as great songs that are on my favourite playlist. Thanks to Ajaneesh for being consistent and delivering great music again for ASN and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest pluses of the movie. The art work, stunning sets add so much more to the mood of the movie. Great job by the ASN team in almost every element of the movie! Great work by the ASN team to present the film creatively in all aspects!

The performances are a top-notch – Rakshit Shetty as the smart, witty, quirky, bad cop is the one who undoubtedly carried a larger part of the movie on his shoulders. The two villains, Balaji Manohar and Pramod Shetty, are very apt. Shanvi Srivastava does justice to her role.  Seasoned actor Achyuth Kumar gives another wonderful performance as Rakshit’s funny sidekick. The one-liners of the duo is sure to evoke laughter even during serious scenes.

ASN is undoubtedly film a great visual treat and is packed with entertainment. It has many elements one will look for – action, humour, music, adventure – all with a good storyline. This movie is definitely one of a kind of experience that Kannada industry has come up with after a really long time. I recommend you this as a perfect weekend watch and it is sure to entertain you. Also, one challenge for you guys – go on and decode this for your own kick before it unfolds – ‘Rama Rama Tusu Daksha Vruta Jaripa’.

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