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The Crown! - Power, Legitimacy, Victory, Triumph, Honor, Glory, Resurrection and........
ChiranjivMarch 26, 202076 min
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The Crown! – Power, Legitimacy, Victory, Triumph, Honor, Glory, Resurrection and……..

Detailed Analysis

To be very honest, when a friend suggested me to watch ‘The Crown’ – a series about Queen Elizabeth ll’s life, I was not much excited. I’m basically not so very determined person to complete a series in one go 😛 but totally binged watching this and I’m so glad I did it. The series is so exciting, fast paced, has amazing cast, beautifully shot and great costumes. Besides all that, ‘The Crown’, have made me look at the royal family, specially Queen Elizabeth from a totally different perspective as I did not honestly know much about her personal life before watching. This series shows the struggle of the royal family, and make us realise that

They are also human beings – They’re people and have their own set of problems and feelings!

The Crown is one of the best period movies ( or better say, series of movies ) ever made. It defines the quality of historic period film making with great attention to detail. The casting is superior, the cinematography is outstanding, the thoughtfully written script just makes you glued to the chair and you cannot stop yourself for several hours to watch it through. Prior to this my favorite TV series were GoT, Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Narcos & Prison Break and now proudly I can say that, #TheCrown will be adding to that list.  A fortune is spent but worth every penny on making this magnanimous series. Thank you #Netflix.  Clairie Foy as Queen Elizabeth in Seasons 1 & 2 and Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth in Season 3 are just phenomenal and I was really surprised as to why they have changed the entire cast in Season 3. When you start watching season 3, you may have some concerns because you were so involved with Clairie foy as Queen, but slowly the season 3 also will engage you throughout.Once you complete 3rd season, take it for granted that you will be eagerly waiting for Season 4.

Trust me, if you want to know the royal history of the UK or if you like to watch period stories, then this is a Mandatory watch on #Netflix.  It as a Stylish, Classy & True story told with extreme passion and dedication.

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