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It's just the beginning!
SpurtiMarch 28, 202077 min
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Feb 21, 2020
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It’s just the beginning!

Detailed Analysis

Do you know what is more of threat to a country like India where majority of its population are Youth and are the hope of a better tomorrow? There is one biggest concern that the entire Nation is worried about, probably a little more than Terrorism. This anti-social threat is growing day by day to an extent that police is seeking public help to curb on criminals. Yes, it is spine chilling – “Drug Mafia”.

From a modest transit country and a relatively harmless fun time destination for soft drug addicts, India is fast burgeoning into a major transit country and even a possible source of opium-based narcotics to the drug-dazed western world 

is what the authorities are saying and is a worrisome factor.

Mafia is the story of an anti-narcotics officer Aryan (Arun Vijay) working with his batchmates Sathya and Varun. Aryan is dedicated to eradicate all drug groups and drug lords and make TamilNadu a drug-free zone. It is not just his passion for his profession but his life motive as he loses his brother Dilip to drug addiction. As he starts his mission, Aryan starts losing his close ones – his reporting officer Selvam, Mugilan – his social activist neighbour. He starts facing family threats as he starts finding his way to the drug lord Diwarkar aka DK (Prasanna) who is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist in the eyes of the society.

How does Aryan reach DK? What is the motive behind Selvam and Mugilan’s murders? How will Aryan feel if he gets to know about a surprising fact when he seems to solve the case? What will happen to his life motive? – Please watch Mafia – chapter 1 on Prime Video!

The movie is a good watch with a few interesting twists and the bgm is good. Arun Vijay as usual has performed well with his natural stunts in action sequences. It is a decent attempt by the young director Karthick Naren and I wish he takes the story to the next level in its sequel and handles carefully as there are some flaws in chapter1.

Mafia, though not a crazy new story, will enthral the watcher with a gripping climax that makes you wait for Chapter-2 . It is definitely a good weekend watch!

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