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A cocktail of Emotions!
ChiranjivMarch 31, 20206014 min
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A cocktail of Emotions!

Detailed Analysis

As an avid lover of the OTT/digital streaming platforms, when ever a new OTT platform comes into market, my eyes will go on to that for some initial analysis of the new content available in that platform. అలా తవ్వకాల్లో తెలుసుకున్న show “Mastis” 😊 First reason, it caught my attention is obviously the big names behind the show, Allu aravind’s new OTT platform “Aha Video”, Kanche fame director “Krish Jagarlapudi” (I feel kanche was the last best film from Krish and the rest is history), Ajay Bhuyan ( Remember Ajay Bhuyan?, made a striking debut with “Dhada”, of course it was a musical blockbuster but film was….) and stellar star cast in the show.

Coming to the plot of the series, as per the 8 episodes released, Mastis is all about complexities in modern day relationships which are driven by selfishness, judgement, manipulation, lust,  ambition and desperation. As rightly put across by Krish, “It’s a cocktail of emotions”! Emotions are very delicate and are to be carefully cherished by both the people in a relationship. Yes, it really takes TWO PEOPLE to make a relationship beautiful and what do you think helps to hold it strong? – HONESTY!

Honesty is still the best policy, never mind in which millennium you live in because, Cheating is a “choice” not a mistake!

The plot is not new if you are a regular follower of US/UK comedy or Sitcom shows, but to the Telugu (South Indian Diaspora) audience, it is a fresh breeze. Again, in Bollywood, these kinds of shows are quite common. Each episode has less than, on an average 22-25 mins runtime. Plot wise it is decent, more importantly neatly written. Not many boring moments at the same time, not many wow moments. But it goes in a flow which doesn’t bore you at all. Each & every character has got its own importance, weightage and the director has balanced every character aptly. He deserves an appreciation there.

The reason I mentioned “Stellar Star Cast” in the show is because of the entire cast in the film – they may not be a top star cast in the mainstream films now, but they are very good performers in my opinion. Navdeep in the main lead role, who owns a Marketing Company, having few shades as a playboy, but with some dignified and heroic moments. Bindu Madhavi as Navdeep’s wife, have seen her after a long time in Telugu, last time I remember was in Pilla Zamindar Film. Good to see her comeback. She did a good job as a loving wife and a women entrepreneur who owns a Pub called “Mastis”. Yes basically “Mastis” is the name of a pub in fact almost all the characters in the story intertwined with this pub. (Just some trivia, not a spoiler at all 😊).

Chandini Chowdhary’s character is quite emotional and it has an interesting story point. She played it well. (Chandini is quite popular in Youtube Short films especially her “Madhuram” short film is a must watch, do watch it in case if you missed it). I wish to see her in more web series from hereon. Hebah Patel as a Lead Singer of a Telugu fusion music band did a decent job and the triangular love story episode which runs with Hebah & her two friends in her band is quite funny one. All the old ilayaraja songs in Telugu sung by this band are just so awesome and refreshing. You’ll feel quite nostalgic and infact, they can release a mini audio album with all these fusion songs. They are so nice to listen.

Raja Chembolu (Fida fame) and Akshara Gowda (Manmadhudu 2 fame) have got decent roles and they’ve put up fine performances to make their presence felt. Music department has done a good job, Cinematography and production values are rich. Dialogues are kind of more urban (Lot of F*** words in the series). Since it’s a digital content, no restrictions of course 😊

Ajay Bhuyan – Though his movie career didn’t fly off well after Dhada’s failure at the BO, looks like his digital/web series career has been decent. Couple of years back he & Nandini Reddy created “Gangstars” & even that has a stellar star cast (Remember my definition of Stellar Cast right? 😊 ), which was Amazon Studios’ web series debut in Telugu. It got some mixed to decent reviews as well as it has some screenplay issues but that’s a good attempt in telugu with such a nice star cast – Jagapathi Babu, Navdeep, Shweta Basu, Sivaji, Sidhu Jonnalagadda etc. You can watch it for time pass and is available on Prime Video. He also made couple of web series in Hindi as well, Mind the Malhotras with Amazon Studios as well and A.I.Sha Virtual Girlfriend with Arre, an OTT platform in Hindi. Ajay Bhuyan & Krish made a decent job with Mastis as well. Also hoping that there will be a 2nd season for it, because 1st season (8 Episodes) has lot of open ends. Let’s wait and see!

Having said all the above, somehow Mastis didn’t kick start as expected. The promotions aren’t good enough for a reason I can’t think of. They can nicely promote the show by cutting nice promos in social media & by releasing all the old Telugu songs in the series as a mini album on the prominent audio streaming platforms. In my opinion, even if there’s no buzz currently, it is not that late and they can still do it. Decent content shouldn’t be wasted at all.

On a flip side, Mastis is a decent watch and it’s a nice to binge this show during this Lock down time. Don’t miss it 😊

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