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The Nazi Hunters in America!
ChiranjivApril 2, 2020812 min
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The Nazi Hunters in America!

Detailed Analysis

World War II was one of the largest, deadliest and probably the ugliest wars in Human history with around 70 to 85 M fatalities. It included massacres, genocides, including the Holocaust, strategic bombing, death from starvation and diseases and the use of nuclear weapons in war. It has the greatest and saddest history ever, that’s why there are ’n’ number of films or shows based on World War II compared World War I. Hunters is a show significantly based out on the aftermath of WW2, which happens 30 years after the war.

‘Hunters’ name sounds like a normal revenge drama or something like that, but it is NOT. What caught my attention is, having a fantastic star cast – Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, Josh Radnor, etc and Jordan Peele as one of the executive producers. I have mentioned about “the holocaust” in the fatalities of WW2 right? basically hunters have pretty much link to the Holocaust.

Hunters is heavily inspired by the number of real Nazi Hunters through the decades, but they have not given any specific representation to any of them. Group of Nazi Hunters living in 1977 NY City who discover and hunt the Nazi War Criminals, who are conspiring to start a Fourth Reich in the USA. These Nazi Hunters are European Jews who has survived from the WW2, after the Holocaust, a genocide committed by German Nazis in WW2 and killed around 7M Jews, which is around 2/3rds of Europe’s Jew population.

Hunters was written and created by David Weil and, he is one of the executive producers as well. All the 10 episodes in S1 are directed by multiple people. It seems David Weil’s maternal grandparents were also Holocaust survivors born in Poland hence took a lot of inspiration from his granny’s stories about the holocaust and wrote Hunters script. The premise is inspired by a lot of WW22 history and David has added enough fiction to it, which suits the 70’s era in New York. Undoubtedly the story premise is fantastic and, the team has executed it topnotch. They maintained the thrill almost till the 9th episode. But in the 10th episode, they have added way too much fiction to it and, the ending looked so controversial. Until 9 episodes, the audience mindset will be so high but, with this episode all the tempo goes down. Extremely poor writing and, you will seriously feel disappointed with the last episode. You may feel it as unjustifiable writing maybe, for the sake of ending it or for the sake of renewing it to Season 2, the writer has prepared the script this way. God only knows but, this is quite disappointing actually.


Nazis, The Fourth Reich, WW2, The Holocaust, Operation Paper clip may look like new terms as, we might have forgotten. We have been taught about WW2 in the history classes of our school days. Even I forgot this 😊. Before watching this series, I have done a little brush up on these historical incidents.

Why Hitler hated Jews? –

Nazi crimes against Jews –

The Holocaust –

Operation Paperclip: How did Nazis entered USA after the war?

If you go through these links, I’m pretty sure you will get more understanding of the premise of Hunters. Since it is from Amazon Originals’ team, the production values are top-notch and rich. Music and cinematography are superb. WW2, the Holocaust sets are good. You can certainly visualize what happened with the Jews in the past. The conflict point between Jews and Nazis is shown clearly. Periodic or vintage, the feel has been carried out well in the entire series. Stellar star cast and, everyone has done an impeccable job. The background score is amazing. Having said that, there are these many positive points, the ending is so artificial and controversial that one cannot digest the devastating ending. Now, this has received a severe backlash from all the critics across the globe.

On another note, there is one more Amazon Originals show called “The Man in the High Castle” which is an alternate historical TV series that is inspired by a fictional book written in 1962. It is about the chances of Germany winning WW2 and its dire consequences. In my opinion, maybe David is inspired by this series and wrote the 10th episode, because there is a huge difference between the writing of the first 9 episodes and the last episode. Now, I’m not sure how David renews Hunters to season 2 – Let’s wait and see.

Overall, Hunters started off well, even continued good but, ended on a devastating note. Well, Mazel Tov David for the next season.

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