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Lives that break hidden, deep-rooted hypocrisies in a jiffy!
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Mar 29, 2019
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Lives that break hidden, deep-rooted hypocrisies in a jiffy!

Detailed Analysis

There are quite a lot of people who argued with me that this movie isn’t good without even watching it (of course they read the so-called “acclaimed critic’s reviews”). I thought a lot as to why this movie had so many dislikes? All I could arrive at is that “who likes a movie coming out of the blue just to blast a zillion hypocrisies that we carry within, without even knowing. Sounds a little harsh? Well yes, “Truth” sounds so 😛

Thiagarajan Kumararaja – Remember him? The director of “Aaranya Kandam”(2011) that got him laurels all over. If I were to wait like around 8 years for another super movie like “Super Deluxe” from him, then why not?? Another interesting fact about Super Deluxe is that Directors Nalan Kumarasamy, Neelan K. Sekar, and Mysskin have written the additional screenplay for this film. They all have written in their own style but without disturbing the idea and ideal of Thiagarajan – the director which makes the movie not only unique but also one of its kind. I will not disclose more about the plot as my intention here is only to convey the director’s vision.

Super Deluxe is the movie of 4 different subplots all woven with a hyperlink. If not once, do not hesitate to watch it twice to clearly understand the depth of each character and the inherent idea associated. So I’ll talk about each of the characters and their unique traits that will probably help you with the points that you may miss.

Shilpa (Vijay Sethupathi)- Manickam turned into a transgender Shilpa returns to his wife and kid (Raas Kutti) who he leaves abandoned years back. How would his wife feel? Happy that he is back? or Sad imagining her future with the Shilpa turned Manickam?  Shilpa doesn’t show even the slightest of regrets as the transformation was deliberate and even shows son – Raas Kutty her tricks of earning money without any effort. Shilpa being so daring (maybe), without any regrets wanting to live life the way she wants,  not thinking of anything will experience a moment that turns everything upside down. What will Shilpa do then? Shilpa knows thatUniqueness is hated by the world” and yet chooses it. Will she have to pay a heavy price for it? RATIONALE IS DIFFERENT AND REALITY IS DIFFERENT – why? Do follow Shilpa closely from the beginning to know.

Vijay Sethupathi, as I fondly call him the “ACTING MONSTER” has played Shilpa aka Manickam in the movie. Do I need to write more about his performance?

Rasu Kutty (Ashwanth Ashokkumar) is the son of Shilpa (Manickam). Kids according to me are the purest souls and Rasu Kutty is no exception. He develops unconditional love towards his father and would be crazily waiting for his return. His unconditional love towards his father doesn’t change even a bit when Shilpa comes into the picture. It doesn’t matter to Rasu Kutty whether the character called “father” is a man, woman, or a trans. All he needs and wishes is his dad to stay with him. How else can one define “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”? We as kids will have this blessed quality but, as we grow up we tend to lose it. Why? We will set a million expectations and a zillion conditions to our loved ones. Why do we lose the purity and chastity of Love on our way as we grow up? Do give it a thought, it’s worth it.

Vaembu (Samantha) while being married to Mugil (Fahadh Faasil) through an arranged marriage gets intimate with her ex. boyfriend and she does it with complete consciousness and no regrets at all. When her ex. dies all of a sudden in her house, she will convey the same to Mugil clearly without losing composure. She questions a kid who annoyingly picks up a cuss word from Mugil that “Of all the words the elders speak, why do kids only pick up swear words?” – Worth giving a thought. Isn’t it? She even questions Mugil’s morale when he wants her to be virtuous (wants a divorce too for not being so), at the same time he’s fine with her to be a whore for their easy escape from a grave situation. Is Mugil really worthy to even judge Vaembu?

Mugil (Fahadh Faasil) on the other hand who thinks high of himself denies Vaembu to surrender to the police instead insists her to Google the ways to dump the body as he feels that her surrendering to the police will affect his reputation in the Society. He curses his wife for her act, curses his father for setting up the marriage alliance, curses himself, and the whole world. Being a hypocrite himself points out to the hypocrisies in the society and our system. Pissed off Mugil makes us think that “Banks charge us for lack of min. balance in our account, but never will you get a cashback for lack of cash in ATM” Why does the system work in someone’s favor? He also questions one unique angle of what we feel for “belong”. – One can be proud of his country, his language but not his caste. Why? Isn’t everything about labeling people? Only names differ. You’re a patriot if you love your country, you’re a patron if you love your language but you’re a fanatic if you love your caste – “Hypo- fuckin -pocrisy”. A common man discriminates in the name of caste, A patriot discriminates in the name of the country, both are equally wrong.

Dhanasegaran turned Arputham(Mysskin) is one of the few persons who gets saved during Tsunami (would have gone to the beach to commit suicide) eventually turns into a Faith Cure/Miracle worker as he concludes the statue (seemingly of Jesus Christ) which he had to hold on to during the Tsunami hit had saved him hence feels he is the messenger of God who’s saved to change the fate of grieving people. He doesn’t hesitate to risk the life of his own son with his superstitious behavior trying to heal him only with prayers. He doesn’t come into his senses until he questions his own transformation and the real existence of God. When in grave need to save his son, he ends up getting help only from his friend. Does he realize the true meaning and existence of God? Do watch Arputham. He is at times, very funny too 😛

Leela (Ramya Krishnan) – A former porn actress abandoned by Arputham (Leela’s husband) trying hard to make ends meet. She is surprised by her own son’s rage to kill her as he gets to watch her in a porn film out of the blue. Her son hurts himself in an accident while trying to stab her and yet she tries extremely hard to save his life. After all, she is a mother. Leela is such a mature character who simultaneously makes her son and husband realize the realities of life. She boldly tells her son that she “was” a porn film actress and it is just a profession like any other. She also makes it clear that no one trapped her to become so and she has done that with complete consciousness. She makes it clear to his son that “Righteousness is changed according to convenience”. Limited knowledge of people has been deciding what is right, what is wrong . Porn watchers aren’t blamed, often considered studs/cool while the actors are judged as characterless. Why? If one of them is right, the other one is too. Did people even wear clothes years ago? (Surprising the answer is “NO”. In Ancient India, women never wore proper clothes. What we call Indian cultural attire – Saree & Blouse/Salwar kameez was never Indian but brought in here by different cultures. Do read “India – A history” by John Keay, its interesting). Leela puts across a simple logic to her husband Arputham that he has adapted Christianity since he believed that the Jesus Christ statue saved him. What would he have done if he would have held on to a teddy bear and got saved? It’s all in the mind. Isn’t it? Leela

Apart from these, you will see a group of young boys extremely interested in watching Porn- They want to watch a woman doing sex but what if one gets to see his mom there? As friends, they’ll support each other like crazy but, will it be the same case when one of them gets to know that one of his friends is in love with his sister? Nothing is as simple as it looks – Hell lot of conditions apply. Why? You’ll see A POLICEMAN who doesn’t have even a slight hesitation while trying to exploit a fellow human being irrespective of gender and circumstance. You will notice the concept of Aliens to make you understand that “we as Humans feel that we are the Ultimate and most powerful beings” but, you never know. A lot of other beings co-exist to say Life doesn’t just belong to only you. Everyone is in this infinite UNIVERSE is ONE.

Do NOT miss on these granular details as you these will help you understand the effort of the director in every frame, every character, every single presence on the screen.

Shilpa though a male turned trans drapes her saree so naturally that she ties a knot first and then starts draping it. She tells Raas Kutty’s mother that “As a woman I understand your plight” in the same scene. How much more sensitive and sensible can one make that scene?

When Mugil says “Fuck” as he surprisingly notices the corpse of his wife’s ex.lover in his refrigerator, an elderly woman from the neighborhood sitting in his house asks her husband what ‘Fuck’ means. And, guess what he replies – “Its an act of Sin”. In a country of 130 crores population, we’re still so shy to utter words like “sex” without being guilty and are considered shameless and sin. Did we really become a country of such a huge population without having “sex”? Where do the babies come from? Think……. The same group of elderly people enquire Mugil skeptically if there’s Non-Vegetarian in his refrigerator as the get coffee served and feel okay when Mugil lies. (They don’t know the fact that there is a corpse in the fridge from where the milk packet for their coffee is taken from) What more??

This analysis might feel a bit long but as mentioned earlier, I intend to put across the vision and effort of the director and the writers. Watch it once again after reading my analysis, you will probably feel justified why “Super Deluxe” is undoubtedly a great movie (I feel great isn’t enough of a word to describe), a movie we all have something to take away, a movie we can leverage as a “personality development” guru above all, a movie that will help break our unknowingly hidden, deep-rooted hypocrisies.

And, If I have to summarize, I could say this…..

இந்த உலகில், யார் நல்லவர்? யார் கெட்டவர்? ஒரு வேளை, யார் எவர் என்று உங்களுக்குத் தெரிந்தால், எது நல்லது, எது கெட்டது என்று தீர்மானிப்பது யார்? நல்லது இருந்தால், தீமையும் கூடவே இருக்கும்… இதில் ஸ்வாரஸ்யம் என்னவென்றால் இரண்டுமே ஒருவருக்குள்ளே இருக்கும் …. ஆகவே முரண்பாடும் உள்ளே … மாற்றமும் நிகழ்வதும் உள்ளே …. இந்நிலையில் மற்றவர்களைப் பற்றி கவலைப்படுவது ஏன்? நாம் வேறு யாரையும் புண்படுத்தாத வகையில் நம்மை சரிசெய்துகொள்ள நம் வாழ்நாள் போதாது …. பிறரை குறித்து உடல் ரீதியாகவோ, மன ரீதியாகவோ, தார்மீக ரீதியாகவோ, நாம் எப்பொழுதும் தீர்மானிக்க வேண்டாம்.. ஏனெனில், அதிகபட்சமாக நீங்கள் “அவரின் இடத்தில் உங்களை பொருத்திதான் பார்க்க” முடியுமே தவிர ஒருபோதும் அவர்களின் “உணர்வை உணரவே முடியாது”. இந்த உலகில், நாம் யார்? நாம் எவ்வளவு சிறியவர்கள்? மிகவும் சுயநலமாக இருப்பது வேடிக்கையானது. ஒரு நாள் இந்த உலகத்தை விட்டுச்செல்லும் தருணத்தில், ​​”நீங்கள் எத்தனை அன்புக்குரியவர்களை சம்பாதித்தீர்கள்?” என்பதை மற்றுமே ஞாபகத்தில் கொள்வீர்கள். வாழ்க்கை மிகவும் எளிது …. தயவுசெய்து அதை அப்படியே வைத்திருப்போம்.

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