Your Story Is Your Power!
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Your Story Is Your Power!

Detailed Analysis

“Elite” is a word that I’ve developed an aversion to recently :P. Not because of the supposed privileges but because of the attitude and mindset. If someone’s born with a silver spoon, great but keeping that in place, one can/should never undermine and discriminate others. Well, if you are self-made I can probably still bear it but, if it’s hereditary, then there is nothing to be proud of, in my opinion. Criteria like Caste, Creed, Race, Sex, Religion, Status that come with birth are nothing you can be proud of cos, you have really earned them nor chose them. If you ask me what it is then, I can not talk about Karma, etc. hence leaving it to one’s own wisdom. All I’m trying to convey here is that It is completely okay to be born privileged but not at all okay to use that to undermine/discriminate fellow human beings. Just Not Done! I was surprised to hear some people saying they wouldn’t want to use a product that their house helps also use as they feel embarrassed it seems. Heights of Hypocrisy Isn’t it? I have literally no idea why people are so obsessed with “labeling” their fellow human beings. Anyway, the reason for me to remind of all this is that I watched “Becoming” on Netflix, a documentary based on the book “Becoming Michelle Obama” by the former first lady herself.

Becoming is all about the journey from a typical working-class community to becoming the “First Lady”(first black lady) of the US and residing in the “White House” – all from the perspective of Michell Obama herself. Firstly, it is not a very detailed documentary of Mrs. Obama’s life journey if that is your expectation. The documentary has a set of moderators facilitating a set of questions that would answer the questions that most of us have like “How is she feeling to get back to normal? How does it feel like to be out fo White House after years? What is she doing now? What does she care about and What does she think is in store for her?”. Mrs. Obama also shares a little about her family background, her experience of meeting Mr. Obama, starting their married life, and raising two daughters.

While the documentary touches on the above, where it slightly disappoints is when the title itself is “Becoming….”, a typical watcher expects to experience her journey in a little more detailed manner than just a couple of dialogues. Having said that, I can’t say that there are no topics that will impress you. It is quite interesting to listen from Mrs. Obama as to how she felt when she first stepped into the White House from being resided in a normal (working-class type) house. How did she deal with so many people working for her? I was in fact quite impressed by her parenting skills of her two daughters where she mentioned that she asked the daily help not to make beds for the kids as

she doesn’t want to raise them in a way that they are not self-dependent

Quite impressive isn’t it? As I mentioned earlier, these days, I’ve been witnessing a lot of kids being brought up without knowing/realizing the importance of self-dependency. They don’t make their beds, don’t do their laundry, don’t know any housework and are only encouraged to do their studies, play and do all other stuff but not their own work at home. I’ve no idea what these kids will grow up to but, it is super important to bring up kids in a manner that they don’t take privileges for granted and that one needs to “become….” and earn things in life and that is why I said Mrs. Obama’s thought process of the same is really impressive. There are also small interesting episodes of her empowering sessions (with the people who look up to her) to believe in themselves and realize the power of their own story.

On a whole, it feels like less focus on “how she ‘became’…” and more on “what’s her next?”, “How is she dealing with the defeat? Etc., and covering these on priority makes one feel as if this documentary is to set the stage of “The Obama’s” next political campaign. The show also shows Mrs. Obama and her interactions with the people who look up to her and her advice to them, her belief on the youth for a better future. Where the documentary feels a little off, is when she says “our people were not there to support us….” and it does give you a little off feeling when the former first black lady, who a zillion people look up to every day, says that. Well, it is up to individual perception who is mentioned as “our people…” it definitely doesn’t send positive signals.

All said and done, if you are a person who’s mantra is “Take the Best & Leave the Rest” and if you’re not a Book person, go ahead and watch it. There are things you might like & learn, aspects that may make you think and elements that you will probably analyze. But, please don’t miss an important takeaway and a life learning

Your Story is Your Power!

Happy watching!

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