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Lava of Thoughts reminding you of the Hard Realities of Life!
SpurtiMay 16, 202078 min
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Lava of Thoughts reminding you of the Hard Realities of Life!

Detailed Analysis

As an inquisitive person by nature, I always have tons of questions that arise in every walk of life. Well, do not ask me about the answers or the good and bad because the learning and evolution to be a better person often lies more in those questions than the answers so, it is fine that way.

The biggest question that keeps me thinking is about “labeling” people. Who are the so-called ‘they’? Who are ‘we’? What differentiates us from our fellow human beings? Are humans by nature, judgmental? Why do we have a problem with some one’s lifestyle, food habits, and belief systems? Who gave anyone the right to discriminate fellow humans basis caste, gender, religion, and more importantly their belief system? Who is good? Who is bad? What is right and What is wrong? – Think!

I’ve come across a very unsustainable way of upbringing in our society starting from homes, schools, and workplaces. Not many people believe that every human being can have his/her belief system, lifestyle, food habits and still we all can live in harmony. Respecting other’s opinions doesn’t mean giving up your own opinions. Being open and a little tolerant of alternate opinions is the mantra to a happy living – Be it in a family, workplace, or the bigger world. The sense of ‘belonging’ should never be disturbed as a great person once said

We are all tenets to this world. We come, We live and We leave — In the meantime, we should not disturb anything here. Simple! Isn’t it?

The reason I’ve written the above lines is that, “Paatal Lok” is exactly all about it. It questions the ‘subjectiveness’ of the idealistic things like “justice, the human psyche, morality” and the relativity of these in the real world. The best part about Paatal Lok is that nowhere it gives a message or even tries to. All that I’ve written is a part of the hard-hitting realization while you unlock every episode.

Starting from the protagonist Hathi Ram, the unsatisfactory cop looking for a breakthrough case to boost his career, as a husband and father to a rebel teenager, all the characters are very well written and performed. A big kudos to the casting team because what made Paatal Lok such a hard-hitting series is mainly because of this brilliant casting choice.

Be it, Sanjeev Mehra the popular journalist having issues with his boss, his wife Dolly who seems to have anxiety issues but finds her soul & happiness though, in an unhappy relation, an aspiring young cop trying to make it to the IPS cadre dealing with daily religious discrimination, the journey of Hathoda Tyagi from an innocent dog lover to a hardcore murderer but with still a little human within……all the characters unveil in a surprising yet heavy manner.

The storytellers Prosit Roy & Avinash Arun deserve applause as they unveil each character with a humane side taking utmost care not showing any bias anywhere. Kudos to Anushka Sharma for supporting good content and producing it.

Paatal Lok though is a piece of fiction, hits one really hard and it is not easy to come out of the lava of thoughts it creates reminding you of the realities of life.

How many Paatal Lok s do we need to get to the reality of Life? Do not miss watching this gem on Prime Video!

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