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పేరు లో ఉన్న "రన్" , సినిమా లో ఉంటే బాగుండేది
ChiranjivMay 29, 202048 min
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87 mins


పేరు లో ఉన్న “రన్” , సినిమా లో ఉంటే బాగుండేది!

Detailed Analysis

A few days back when I saw a tweet about “Run” trailer on Aha’s twitter handle, I felt a little excited, that finally during this lock downtime, a Telugu original film is coming to engage us. The trailer looked pretty decent and the story also seemed a little interesting. Now that it is launched on the platform and I just finished watching it, let me tell you how it is.
The trailer was decent for sure and with the same excitement, I hit the play button. When I’m in the 15th minute of the film, I really felt like yawning 😊 and, you can imagine how boring they have made the film. The movie runtime is close to 90mins, not even of a feature film length and still, I felt bored. Plot is simple & unique, it is a thriller about a happy couple, Navdeep & Pujitha Ponnada. When Pujitha gets killed suddenly, the rest of the plot is about who killed her. Now do not ask me about that intriguing point, please click the Aha app & stream it. 😊 Having a unique point, I felt somehow the director couldn’t present the film well as one feels some serious writing issues in the entire story arc.

They are many actors in this film, but all are forgotten cast, for example, do you remember “Venkat”?, Nagarjuna launched him as a hero in 1998 with శ్రీ సీతా రాముల కళ్యాణము చూతము రారండి. His role runs for a good amount of time but, there is no soul to it. Also, Chatrapati & Khaleja fame Shafi is there but not, a great role either. Speaking about the rest of the star cast, they are just there in the film, none of them have a good character written.

One way we can appreciate Aha, for bringing the forgotten or fade out star cast in one film and giving them one more chance in this OTT space. Same thing Amazon Prime Video has done 2 years back with Jagapathi Babu Starrer “Gang Stars”, if you observe all the star cast in that original series were just fade out batch but it was a decent comedy series to watch at least. Here the scenario is a bit different, ‘Run’ is not so good. Music is okay and production values are also just okay. The entire taking looks like a soap tv show, not like a film.

Even though it is 90 mins long, I felt the execution is dead slow. Having a huge cast, good story point in hand, it is disappointing that the director couldn’t make use of it. Also, I felt they didn’t do proper homework while writing the script, it looks like they have made it hastily. రిలీజ్ చెయ్యాలని చేసినట్టు ఉంది. In fact, Telugu girl Pujitha’s role isn’t so well written. She has a promising face and her acting is also good, but not sure why she couldn’t make it big so far. Navdeep is the only saving grace in the film and as always, he did a good job.

If all the cards were played well, it would have been a good original thriller in Telugu OTT space. Overall, I can say “Run” has the potential to be great but ended up being okay.

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