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Does everything has a Price Tag?
SpurtiJune 15, 202088 min
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Does everything has a Price Tag?

Detailed Analysis

Greed! A simple word whose consequences are dire. Gulabo Sitabo is a movie that has carries an inherent message throughout and what makes this movie different as well is that nowhere it tries to preach or sets a standard. The movie is all about two protagonists – Mirza(Bachan ji) the landlord (supposedly :P) of a Haveli/Mansion and one of the tenants Bankey (Ayushmann) and their petty fights.

Though the plot primarily revolves around these two characters, the director needs an appreciation for not having a character that is not significant – big or small. Every character in the movie has its own importance including the character of the youngest kid sister of Bankey. The movie silently also shows patriarchy and the mindset of Bankey being the only male of the family. How he acts, reacts, and behaves at home and with Mirza is fun and what is impressive is, alongside the director also shows the progressive mindset of the females (sisters, mother, girlfriend…) around him and how he lives in denial.

Mirza is the most interesting character you’ll want to follow and understand till the end and has something to learn for everyone.

Certain aspects of life are “priceless” and those are definitely not for everyone.

One needs to deserve and only can then earn them. Why is Mirza being the landlord of a huge mansion is greedy to the core? What is the relationship between Mirza and his 17 year elder wife Begum? What are Mirza’s plans? What is his struggle with Bankey? Do watch Gulabo, Sitabo.

Coming to performances, needless to say, both Bachanji and Ayushmann pull off their roles with great ease. There is one thing I felt not so relative – the prosthetic make up of Bachan ji. Does it have any significance to the role he played? Hmmm, that’s a million-dollar question. As mentioned earlier, all the other supporting characters are also very well portrayed and the artists lived up to the roles.

The movie from the beginning progresses well and there are funny one-liners that make you laugh. It continues to keep you engaged enough but the slow screenplay and a lengthy climax tests your patience a bit. I really liked the climax and the way it is picturized. It gives a complete justification to the movie and is definitely the saving grace.

Overall Gulabo Sitabo, I felt is an artwork about Greed – its consequences, a silent yet thought-provoking messenger that questions “priorities” in one’s life and subtly conveys that,

every person probably is an opportunist and things like ethics, values, morals, love are some things that make us HUMAN.

Ayushmann asks Bachanji in the climax “Begum is 17 years elder to you. What did you see in her to get married? And, what did she see in you that she married you? – Do watch Gulabo Sitabo on prime video to know. I recommend to give this a watch but with some reservations 🙂

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