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कर्म में ही तेरी शान है, कर्म तेरी पहचान है, बस कर्म।
SpurtiJune 24, 202059 min
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कर्म में ही तेरी शान है, कर्म तेरी पहचान है, बस कर्म।

Detailed Analysis

Aarya is one of the finest web series in recent times receiving applauses from a lot of audiences. What makes it stand out among the other series is that there is a lot of care, focus on attention to detail and made with passion – lots of passion without any hurry in the making. The star cast is brilliant and in the end, all the characters make sense and are related to the story. The screenplay and direction added to the stellar cast makes it unique. You also find a unique way of storytelling relating it to the different chapters of Bhagavad Gita. What is also loved about the series is that it makes one realize that “You can never feel/be the other person whoever it may be so don’t judge. You might also not behave like the one you expect someone to be in a situation” which is hard-hitting for people like us living in a hypocritical society interested all the time in giving unwanted advice. Watch Aarya and I’m sure you’ll understand what I’ve written about.

Aarya is the story of a wife, a mother of three, and above all a strong woman whose life turns upside down in one night without any clue. How Aarya (Sushmita Sen) tackles all the unforeseen circumstances while protecting her kids and taking care of them. Aarya displays an extreme sense of grit and perseverance as she sails through the high tides of unending problems. The best part is that the director Ram Madhvani did not try to show her as an extremely witty or a superwoman but steadily builds her character realistically as she tries to solve one problem at a time. Aarya isn’t a perfectionist – she makes mistakes, realizes it, and sets it right. One can instantly connect to her because of the way it is written.

Life always doesn’t give you a chance to choose between right and wrong and often it is about choosing between wrong and less wrong – Aarya’s life is all about how life forces her to make extremely difficult choices as the only thing she is clear is her priorities – Her family/kids. As she battles through dire consequences of her family business, she unfolds bitter truth about her very own family, close friends, and her rivals. What Aarya does to come out of the toxicity that builds around her without any fault of her is Aarya all about.

Coming to performances, it is undoubtedly Sushmita Sen’s one-woman show. She’s done a fabulous job as she pulls off the role with such ease and grace that you will surely feel this finesse performance missing on-screen all this while. She has lived Aarya’s role so much that her dialogue, body language, physique, costumes – literally everything sinks in so well and you’ll only feel Aarya not Sushmita Sen. I think that is the biggest achievement for any actor. This is a try come back for her and I sincerely hope she continues to take up such projects. Chandrachur Singh, though there for a short role impresses. All other actors do justice to their respective roles. Music just passes by and isn’t very impactful. Don’t miss the fusion song that comes in the climax as the lyrics are very well written by Swanand Kirkire and his attempt to explain the essence of Bhagavad Gita deserves great applause.

Aarya on the whole in Sushmita Sen’s show and is her true comeback. Barring a few slow scenes, Aarya is a very well written series, in fact, one of the best in the recent times and is a MUST WATCH.

कर्म में ही तेरी शान है, कर्म तेरी पहचान है, बस कर्म।

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