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Love in early 30s......sss
ChiranjivJuly 3, 202037 min
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Love in early 30s……sss

Detailed Analysis

A few weeks ago, when I saw Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna’s trailer, I felt it was a regular rom-com movie, because the story seemed quite well known in that 2 mins trailer itself. But when I watched it on “Aha”, I felt that though the story is routine, the characterization of the lead pair is much more than that.
Yes! The story is simple & routine, but the director Srikanth Nagothi ensured a proper characterization for Naveen Chandra as Rama Krishna & Salony Luthra as Bhanumathi. While watching this film, you will feel their presence everywhere, I mean their characters will register in your minds easily. The story plot is about Bhanumathi who has just turned 30 and had a bad breakup, meets a colleague Ramakrishna who is almost 33 looking for prospective matches, and also he is from a small town who moves to Hyderabad for this job and how the love blossoms between them. It’s an urban romance story with a subtle comedy. After you see Naveen’s character in this film, I’m sure many will connect with his character, especially I could relate to my life from my hometown to Warangal and then to Bangalore for my first job. Initially, as you don’t know the city life and culture, and the way you feel “aww..” for every small thing. You will feel this connection.
Undoubtedly both Naveen & Salony nailed it, in fact, good solo comeback from Naveen. Viva Harsha as Naveen’s friend role did a decent job. Looks like he signed a deal with the Aha team, he is almost in every original film or series of Aha. Even though his runtime is less in this film, he got good dialogues, one comic line registered in my mind is “వీడి జోక్స్ అన్నీ ఋతురాగాలు టైం లో వి కదా, వీటికి ఇంకా ఆడియన్స్ ఉన్నారా ?”. Makes you laugh right?
The makers seem to have thought not to spend more money on production values since it’s a proper urban rom-com, hence shot in a serial mode. I mean, the cinematography is decent but not great however they ensured there the presence of soulful music by Shravan Bharadwaj and of course nice star cast.
Last week we saw “Krishna and his leela” and it fetched decent reviews for its rom-com story and nice production values, actually it was meant for a feature film release but due to the pandemic, it became an OTT, whereas the content actually fits in the OTT category. This film runtime is around 92 mins and it is not a disappointing story. By the end of the film, you will get a feeling that the film got over very soon.
Overall, the story of Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna runs on nice characterizations of the lead pair. Decent attempt from Srikanth, watch it without expectations and, it will not bore you.

Watch out for Naveen & Salony!

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