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Love is Unconditional!

Detailed Analysis

You all might be wondering as to why I’ve written about a movie that was released in 2015, that faced a lot of controversies and was even stamped as soft porn. There is a reason why I wanted to write about Kumari 21 F. In fact a very strong reason! We all grow up in an imperfect world that seems so very perfect and influences every one of us uniquely. Our parents, friends, relatives, and society – everyone will add their own flavor to our life as we grow. But, are we losing the basic sense of a human being in this whole process of growing up? Have we forgotten to have a thought of our own? Have we forgotten to evolve? Have we lost the zeal to have an identity of our own and just growing older instead of living and experiencing LIFE? “Kumari 21 F” subtly answers hundreds of such questions with such ease. According to me, it is no less than a “personality development” guru. Why so? I’ve plenty of reasons to urge a viewer to watch it once again if one didn’t like it the first time.

Kumari 21 F is a movie that starts with the lead character Kumari (Hebbah) getting angry with a person who asks her out for one night for a cheap price. While the hero, Siddu (Raj Tarun) gets surprised by this behavior, she tells him that it’s also “feeling”. A feeling of being wanted. Some propose with a flower, some with marriage and some others this way. Ultimately it’s all about wanting a person. Leaving him confused with this statement, Kumari goes to her home and asks her Grandpa as to how much dowry did he take to marry her GrandMa. Sukumar subtly questions here those who are still taking dowry that, “it is no less than going on one night with a person taking money.” Truth! I always say reality is hard-hitting and not everyone can take/handle reality/truth with grace and what one needs is MATURITY. Period!

Siddu is brought up by his mother alone (she gets separated from her husband because of an extramarital relationship he had) who roams around with friends in his colony who are worth nothing. (They are robbers and criminals in fact that Siddu gets to know later) He lives in his own world where he thinks what his friends suggest is right and has set expectations about a GIRL – Can a girl smoke? Can she booze? Can she wear short dresses? Above all, can she have a male other than her boyfriend/husband just as a friend? Not a brother/colleague but just a friend? How does he feel when he falls in love with one such independent girl Kumari? Will he handle the relationship with grace? Will he realize that it is unfair for a woman walking in shorts to get judged while a male will never? Will Siddu realize that every girl has a life of her won where she wants to make choices and lead the life she wants? Will Siddu be able to partner with Kumari in such a life? Kumari 21 F is all about this.

I also liked one other perspective Sukumar has touched – the influence of friends when a guy is in a relationship. Most of the boys give friends so much lenience and importance that they cross the line and start evaluating/assessing the girl’s character. They feel it is their duty to help their friend help find a girl with good character. What is funnier is that they will even write rules about what is that “supposedly good character”. How many of us don’t realize that it’s personal? When you can’t decide your life partner, you better don’t get into a relationship. (Well, the rule applies to girls also.)

That is why I often find it funny when parents/relatives try to threaten to say “In Love marriage, you are on your own but, in an arranged marriage, you get the support”. I find it very funny because in any marriage/relationship you are and you should be on your own.

No one can make a relationship work for you except you and your partner. Simple isn’t it?

Siddu loves Kumari crazily but with conditions. He has reservations and wants Kumari to abide by them. When she doesn’t he even wants to test her character with the help of his worthless friends. What makes him do so? When he gets to know that his mother has misunderstood his father just because of a photograph, he realizes what all we see with our eyes is also not true sometimes. When he finally gets close to understand Kumari, he only gets to see the sedated Kumari being raped by his own friends. A guy with so many conditions, expectations, and reservations witnessing the plight of Kumari takes a decision. A decision that we don’t usually expect. A decision probably not even our great heroes from Mythology have ever dared to take. A decision that makes him a MAN standing up for his love UNCONDITIONALLY.

By now, you might have understood why I love “Kumari 21 F” so much and why this movie has always been one of my favorites? I have always wondered how Sukumar sir could write this story. How on earth could he imagine Kumari and how would he pen down Siddu? Not to exaggerate, this movie moves me to tears every time I see it and I always suggest this movie to someone who asks me for content recommendation.

Ultimately, Kumari 21 F both subtly and boldly questions about “Maturity in relationship and Unconditional love”.

Why do we normalize LOVE WITH CONDITIONS? Is “Unconditional Love” always a distant dream?

నేను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను కాబట్టి, నువ్వు నాకు నచ్చినట్టు మారాలి అని ఎందుకు అనుకుంటున్నాం?

ఏ అబ్బాయి ఐనా తను ప్రేమించే అమ్మాయి జీవితం లో మొదటి వాడు కావాలనుకుంటాడుఅంటాడు సిద్దు. కానీ తాను కోరుకోవలసింది ఆ అమ్మాయి జీవితంలో తానే చివరి వాడు కావాలని కదా? పరుగులు పెట్టె మనసుకి, నీ దగ్గర ఆగిపోయేంత స్వేచ్ఛ ఉన్న రోజు, నీకు ఏ అనుమానాలూ రావు. గమ్యం చేరిన తర్వాత, ఏ మనిషీ ప్రయాణం సాగించడు కదా?

ఒక మనసుకి నీవు గమ్యం కావటమే,  నిజమైన ప్రేమ. అటువంటి ప్రేమలోనే దైవత్వం ఉంటుంది.

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