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Believe in YOU!
SpurtiSeptember 4, 2020511 min
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Believe in YOU!

Detailed Analysis

Firstly, this analysis is purely about the movie and not for or about the lead actor. Surprised as to why this disclaimer all of a sudden? There is a reason. Been seeing people showing blind hate and running campaigns in the name of killing nepotism. Should good content suffer just because the lead actor is a nepo kid?

Keeping aside personal views and hate, the one and only intent of us coming up with Boutflix is to make sure, good content is appreciated irrespective of the cast, producers, directors, and so on. We love good content is an art form and believe that not appreciating art is a sin 🙂

On that note, let me put my analysis before you, lovely people. The movie is based on the life story of Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena fondly called as “The Kargil Girl” who is the only woman to be part of the Kargil War, and the first woman IAF officer to go to war. If you are interested to know about her in detail, please read the book – an autobiography named “The Kargil Girl”, you can order it on Amazon . The learning process according to me is never-ending and it probably is from the womb to the tomb. It is always great getting to know people who have made things happen in their lives despite the hardships and societal pressures. Such stories are like fuel to keep our journey going and make it the most of our lives especially in a depressing moment. They subtly tell us that “Nothing comes easy” that too when yours is a “Road Not Taken”. Taking inspiration from people around us is a great way of life. Trust me 🙂

Gujan Saxena, born in an Army family develops a passion for flying from childhood during the course of her flight journeys. Please note that the scene they show in the movie where the kid Gunjan enters the cockpit and tries operating a flight control that many reviewers are making fun of isn’t that exactly. Looking at an intrigued kid Gunjan, the pilot makes her turn a wheel exactly at the time the co-pilot steers the flight just with the actual control, and when Gunjan asks if she can sit in the cockpit, the pilot subtly tells her that “she needs to become a pilot to have a seat in the cockpit”. Observe the scene carefully. It is not stupid at all. One basic etiquette of content review according to me is not to be in a hurry, look for mistakes or to judge/weigh it. When you watch it as an unbiased viewer, is when things look more clear.

Supported by her father a Lt Col in the Indian Army, Gunjan works hard to make her pilot dream a reality and when the Indian Air Force (IAF) welcomes Women to join them, Gunjan wants to leverage the opportunity to the best of her abilities to fly high. She joins the first batch of women air force trainees for the IAF. Gunjan’s first posting was in Udhampur, as part of the 132 Forward Area Control (FAC), where she had to face many gender-based challenges like adapting to makeshift changing rooms until new ones were built for women.

The Kargil Girl is the story of a resilient woman who overcame all the obstacles and gender-based discrimination keeping her focus and ambition clear. Her grit, determination, and perseverance are greatly inspiring and also need of the hour where we are in 2020 and still battling gender bias problems, and the ground reality of women empowerment in general and at the workplace is still under progress for generations.

On that note, if I write more, I’m sure I’ll end up writing the whole story 😛 So , let me put a stop and here and request you to watch the movie. Let your Son/Daughter watch it not only because it is the story of a gutsy woman who went on to make her dreams come true but also the story os a fellow woman and human being who was demeaned and discriminating by the society with no fault of hers.

If you have the will to do what you want to, nothing can stop you. It might take time, but it will happen one day and that is why I always feel

Obstacles are those frightful things you see hen you take your eyes off from you goal!

Let the spirit of Gunjan Saxena be alive forever and let every girl in India grow up with confidence in chasing her dreams. Let the tribe grow, stand up and walk tall. They are sure to make us proud. Hope that day isn’t too long.

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