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Why do V want to write about “V”? Because it is a very welcoming change for the Telugu industry. Do you remember the last “Cat&Mouse” themed movie you watched in Telugu? Well, I certainly do not. That is exactly why V is special. Genuine efforts with a good output should always be appreciated hence V is a #boutflixrecommendations 🙂

I’d like to reiterate that V is not a thriller or a suspenseful movie. I personally feel that it was perceived to be a thriller or a suspense, nail-biting drama leaving not so satisfactory audience. The director and the actors from the beginning seems to have sensed the same and kept iterating the fact that it is a pure cat & mouse game kinda movie and there would NOT be any unexpected twists and turns. Also, I’ve noticed a trend in recent times. Viewers feel challenged the minute there is a mysterious factor and over concentrate on concluding than traveling with the characters and story all along. In this process somewhere, one loses track and take a u-turn ending nowhere. My sincere request for a content viewer is to enjoy the content, observe the technicalities and be absolutely unbiased. Only then, one can enjoy content.

With that being said, there are many factors why v liked V. Being know who’s the killer from the beginning, it is interesting how the writer & director Mohan Krishna Indraganti has worked on the script and how the whole cat & mouse game between the killer and the cop runs. The killer (Nani) leaving clues to the super cop (Sudheer Babu) and how the cop tries cracking them with the help of the Criminal psychologist (Nivetha Thomas) to chase the killer is the leading pointer of the movie.

Many may ignore two side scenes and may take them as mere entertainers amidst a serious story. Trust me, they are not just for entertainment but are written with a deep thought carrying an inherent meaning and is a reflection of the kind of people society has – the hypocrites, the judgemental, and the criminal. First is the train scene with “Get up Seenu” of Jabardsath who picks up a fight with his brother over the phone for dividing their property. An Irate Seenu hangs up the call and tells his co-passenger Nani that he’s so irritated with his brother and wants to kill him & chops him into pieces. How will Nani respond and what will Seenu do? The other scene is that Nani’s interaction with an elderly person while traveling on a bus to Mumbai. Both are hilarious yet thought-provoking. Please observe.

Coming to the performances, Nani and Sudheer Babu have done an extremely good job and have done complete justice to the roles. They have kept their stardoms aside and performed the roles of how they are written. Nani as the killer and Sudheer Babu as the super cop shine bright and are very fresh. Not routine and boring at all. One can just feel their commitment and hard work on the screen. Nivetha’s role is short but decent and I really feel her screen presence and role could’ve been better. Coming to Aditi Rao, her role is a short one again but she makes a gracious presence and makes you remember her. She is effortlessly beautiful and her efforts to do the dubbing herself should be appreciated.

Music by Amit Trivedi is one of the best in recent times. Be it “మనసు మారే “ or “వచ్చేస్తున్నా “ or the peppy “Baby touch me now”. All of them are such haunting tunes meaning once you listen to them, you feel like listening to them again and again. Photography by P.G. Vinda is good and he maintained to keep the filters to set the mood accordingly. BGM by S. Thaman seems to be inspired by the Tamil movie Ratsasan where Ghibran has provided one of his career-best BGMs. If you are a Ratsasan fan, you will definitely relate to it, and yes it sounds so much that and no one can deny it.

The director Indraganti Mohankrishna has done a fantabulous job in writing and directing the movie. Being an admirer of all his works so far, I can proudly say that this movie is no less and he has done a great job to present V with the best of his capabilities. If there is a major complaint with the movie, it is some lag in the second half where the screenplay could have been racy to keep up to the pace overall. Nevertheless, V deserves all love and appreciation for the efforts, commitment, and dedication of everyone who worked for the film.

If you’ve not watched it yet, please watch it and enjoy it. Movies like V bring a new thought and change amidst the routine commercial movies we are sued to watching.V is different and is probably a start to the freshness that our siblings of other industries brought to their, long back. Let’s encourage good work.

V is definitely a #boutflixrecommendation

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