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“Enola” is not any more “Alone”, she has got worldwide fans!
ChiranjivSeptember 30, 202077 min
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“Enola” is not any more “Alone” 😊 , she has got worldwide fans!

Detailed Analysis

Never knew that Sherlock Holmes & Mycroft Holmes has a younger sister named “Enola Holmes”. As we check the facts, Enola Holmes was an unsung character, not many people talked about her or knew about her. The British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has created the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, and the American author Nancy Springer has created Enola Holmes. While the Americans are creative and competitive, the British are no less in coming up with a similar character in their own space. The best example is when the British have come up with the Bond series, the Americans came up with Mission Impossible Series.

Now thanks to Netflix in bringing this unsung character to the streaming world. “Enola Holmes” has a superbly written script, even without the objective of delivering a narrative from Sherlock Holmes, but from his sister. The director, Harry Bradbeer managed to handle the breaking of the 4th wall very well, and the immense charisma of Millie Bobby Brown helped. It really helped the viewer not to get lost with so many things happening at the same time despite leaving a taste of wanting more from Sherlock Holmes, which is decently well-portrayed by Henry Cavill. It is so clear that Enola does not depend on him to unravel something and that she is completely capable of doing the job “alone”, with the incredible intelligence of the character throughout the entire trajectory during the narrative. The protagonist and Louis Partridge built a simply incredible chemistry with Enola and Lord, making the viewer hope too much for their final kiss but, the film does not deviate from its proposal and does not let the romance stay in the first place.

You will get to silently observe and understand some of the oldest British customs and superstitions, the way they treated women, and a lot more. You will also understand where some of the oldest customs that are assumed Indian are inherited or influenced. So brilliantly portrayed 🙂

Not sure why this film got average reviews. Please don’t let these average reviews deceive you. Honestly, one of the best movies from Netflix, super fun, and it is super delightful to watch the historical London throughout the film. Also, the cinematography is splendid and of course, the top-notch production values.

Lastly, I believe it is remarkable that Millie Bobby Brown was able to co-produce and star in this film at an incredibly young age. I am sure everyone can watch and love this mystery film. I highly recommend this film.

It is #boutflixrecommendations

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