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Praise the Brave!
SpurtiNovember 16, 20202612 min
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2hrs 29 mins
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A must watch, inspiring real life story!


Praise the Brave!

Detailed Analysis

The literal meaning of Soorarai Pottru is “Praise the Brave”/Hail the Warrior. As the title itself speaks a lot and doesn’t need much explanation, the movie is such a relief to the OTT world after so many disappointments especially, for the “Amazon exclusive releases.”

Soorarai pottru is the true-life story of the Deccan Air founder Capt. Gopinath and his life events from the book “Simply Fly.” Very rarely, I feel short of words to write about a movie that has touched so deep and, this movie is one such. Most of us may have known about “Deccan Air” as one of the most economical airlines but, very few of us would have known the story behind it.

The movie shows the perseverance, grit, determination and the heights of hard work, the never give up attitude, and much more needed for an ideal to be successful. As the real-life hero capt. Gopinath said, “Though heavily fictionalized….” the movie is a must-watch and is highly inspirational for everyone who aims to high fly especially for those whose collateral is just their idea. An Idea is enough to change the world. Isn’t it 🙂

The movie shows in detail the family background, childhood, education of Nedumaaran a.k.a Maara (Capt. Gopinath in real life). Soorarai Pottru is the journey of Maara’s relentless quest to establish a low-cost airline and make air travel affordable to the common man. Being trained in defense, Maara faces several circumstances in his own life that strengthen his intent of launching his own affordable airline. In the process he gets ridiculed by serval people and, a good number of investors reject his proposal. But, when the intent is strong, things do work out in one way or the other. All you need is severe perseverance and limitless patience. That’s what happens with Maara as well. He receives immense support from his mother, his love life Sundari (played by actress Aparna Balamurali) who is a logical person, an entrepreneur at heart and, an extremely successful woman who runs her own bakery chain. She not only loves Maara limitlessly but also shares his vision and believes in it. She is that pat on his back when he is at his lowest that gives him strength to try stronger than every time. She doesn’t just stand by him in every crucial step of his life but becomes his “biggest asset” unlike the liability like they show in stereotype movies. She even funds him to register his airlines.

Among my favorite scenes, the two scenes where Sundari says “Naa pathukure, ne po…..” when Maara faces two major obstacles in his journey. Sundari’s character is written and performed by Aparna so strongly that I felt a key takeaway for every woman in India – literate/illiterate, working/homemaker. Every woman has to be strong, supportive, and independent irrespective of the husband’s status. As life partners, it is high time we teach our women to be themselves, to be independent, and more importantly to have a brain of their own to think and not become a liability to their partners.

As the rest of the story continues, how Maara makes his dream come true? How Sundari supports him? Will his kith and kin believe him? Watch Soorarai Pottru.

Talking about performances, Suriya delivers a powerful, hard-hitting, and above all a much-needed performance with ease. He lives Maara and gives you goosebumps at times. Aparna Balamurali as Sundari gives a tough competition to Suriya and gives an extraordinary performance. She has performed her character so well that one can only see Sundari and not Aparna. She is definitely a show stealer and we need to highly encourage performers like her than comparing with others. Rest all play their part but two others deserve applause. Actress Urvashi as Maara’s mother and Dr. Mohan Babu as Maara’s supervisor at the defense academy. In fact, the role of Dr. Mohan Babu is one of the best and a sensible one after a really long time. The character though short is written and shows the purpose of those who serve the country and that personal egos are way lesser than the bigger purpose. True, isn’t it? Don’t miss to watch for him in a couple of scenes.

G.V Prakash’s music is good & there are a couple of catchy tunes as well. He has done a good job there. Coming to the captain of the ship Sudha Kongara, I’m sure most of you would have watched her first film “Irudhi Suttru.” Needless to say, she comes out brilliantly in this movie as well probably making the biggest ever for an OTT release and especially for Amazon Prime Video. Throughout the movie, you can clearly see her passion for storytelling and the way the characters are written shows her strength in the area. The only complaint/reservation I may have, if you guys wish to know, is that the movie is heavily fictionalized, and in some scenes, I felt cinematic liberty was at peaks. But with so much to take away and appreciate, this can be ignored.

So, watch “Soorarai Pottru”, make your family watch it, get inspired and lastly

“Do not forget to chase you dreams no matter how crazy they may seem – cos, the world’s most successful ideas came from the most unassuming people”


Watch “Soorarai Pottru” – It is Highly recommended by us – #boutflixteam #boutflixrecommendations

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