About Us

Two corporate employees who are probably born movie/content buffs. Though busy in professional and personal lives, we are those like many of you who’d love to watch Movies/Web Series/Originals….what not? On the very first day of their release. Extremely passionate towards Content and being spent more than two decades of voracious watching, we realized that liking/disliking of a content depends on an individual’s affinity towards certain elements in the Content, of which some are Photography, Screenplay, Music, Protagonist, Plot, Structure, Scenes, Dialogues, Visuals and……..probably a hundred things more. And, that’s what differentiates us from others. We are NOT Reviewers and we don’t give ratings. We aren’t calculative and don’t classify movies as Hit/Average/Flop. We are NOT a Hero/Director’s fans hence Bias is an absolute NO. We don’t have language barriers or bias and our only LOVE is CONTENT. Then, what do we do? How are we helpful?

We analyze and put forward  those ’n’ elements that you want to be there for you to go ahead and watch Content (Movies/Webseries etc.) If you are busy and you want to know and select content that has elements that you’re looking for, BOUTFLIX is your place. Our passion and Love towards Content striving to help you “Select Your Kinda Content” is “BOUTFLIX” all about.


Meet The Team



I’m a Digital Marketeer by profession and an extremely passionate,  voracious content watcher. A voracious reader and a small time writer (free lancer) grown up watching all possible content (including TV commercials) have spent my time (minus work) to watch, analyse and help people around me chose content that interests them. Guess what? In a list of top movies (of the decade or the year), I proudly say that I’d have watched at least 70-80% of them (Language isn’t a barrier) 😉

So I’m here today along with my friend  Chiranjiv – a Content geek to help you guys choose “your Kinda content”.

Chiranjiv Santhosh Malla


I’m into Software Product Management by profession and a big time Film Lover. I love talking about films, not only just films but also any web series, documentaries or any creative content. While talking about any creative content, I would like to talk about all the 24 crafts involved in the film making.  Also, I’m so fascinated about streaming & OTT platforms and how they are disrupting the entire entertainment media domain. Apart from this films/web series, I would love travelling new places, listening music, especially raja garu & ARR’s songs and Photography.

Shiva Kumar RV


I’m a Security Architect by profession who is extremely passionate about the emerging technology. Apart from Information Security, am extremely passionate about automobiles, photography & cooking.

Currently am playing the “tech guy” role at Boutflix taking care of all the TECH including the build, maintenance and security of the current site ensuring seamless experience to our users and in case of any glitches, feel free to let me know, am standing by !